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These selfies are almost perfect (except that embarrassing thing in the background)

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Selfie always starts pretty innocently. Prepare that perfect expression of the face you’ve learned in the last few hours and work your arm until you commit that “iconic corner” everyone wants so deeply. Finally, the time has come when everything is right there.

Snap. Action is done. Your attention is on the phone to admire your selfie mastery. But wait. What’s in the bottom? Of course, Uncle Gunther is brushing her teeth in her underwear (and still) and has just happened to “fotobomb” your selfie closer.

If this scenario seems familiar to you, then you are not alone. There are thousands of examples out there epic failure fails and today, we are going to examine the top 10 of them. The number seven could only ask you for humanity.

10. Pervert Caught “Red-Handed” In Selfie

What happens when you join a selfie and a guy who snaps pictures on somebody’s dress? It’s not a puzzle here, people. What you get is a “red-handed” captured pervert and a selfie for centuries. Let this be a lesson for all the aspiring perverters out there. Someone is always watching. Even if they do not want to.

9. Cute Selfie turns to crap

Is there a better way to rack up social media than with a baby selfie? Apparently, there is. This particular example combines a classic baby selfie with a perfectly positioned dog in the background. That’s where he is good. Not only does it seem that the dog is physically sitting on the head of the children, but it is even in that infamous “poop” position we all know and love. This well-timed mistake was worth it however, because it is easily one of the best selfies fails out there.

8. The muscle man and his mom


Surely the intentions of this selfie were to intimidate. However, it’s a little hard to frighten your rivals when your mum in the background takes this muscle-selfie. What’s the beanie in the house, too? His mother should have taught him better. Humor is just beginning. Just wait until you read the number seven.

7. Paris Hilton gets photobombata from the kangaroos

Paris Hilton is more famous for its bloodstream (and perhaps that small hotel chain that it owns) but is now involved in a different kind of dirty act. Thanks to a couple of cornea kangaroo, the nice selfie of Paris Hilton became “X-rated” when two kangaroos began to give the other oral sex in the background. For once, Hilton was trying to do something innocent, but she could not shake her dirty past.

6. Team celebration gets strange


This requires a bit of patience. With a quick look at this photo, you might think it’s an athletic team that celebrates a big win in the locker room. Look closer however. Looks much closer. Yeah, here it is. I’m sorry, you had to see it. It’s like one of those makeup paintings in which once you see the image of makeup you can not ignore it. However, instead of a trick image, you now have a nude bark that has stuck in your brain. You are welcome.

5. Desperate queen drama for Internet points

Everyone has a friend like this woman. The queen drama thrives with the attention of social media. Every day, she will post something unlucky that happens in her life only for some internet points. This makes it sweeter when you take action as this particular lady. For a second, he almost deceived me with that sad face embedded in traffic. Thanks to its reflection of sunglasses however, truth is revealed. Also, what is taking selfie and drinking a drink? Role model of the year right here, everyone. Take note.

4. Technology turns on the unconscious boy

There are some people who really believe that technology is out to get us. For those who are in denial, check this selfie. Here we have an ignorant teenage boy who takes a selfie in front of a barn. Does it seem easy enough right? Well, that’s how the camera had another thing in mind. Instead of focusing automatically on the boy’s face (you know, as a camera should), it focuses on the back of a horse located in the background. If this is not an idea of ​​a joke technology, then what is it? If you think it’s fun, then wait until you see what’s in number one.

3. Sad woman pretends to have a boyfriend

Whacking the fabrics for this because it’s just sad. People pretend to have many things. Maybe it’s a fanciful job, a summer home in the Caribbean, or the original leg lamp of a Christmas story (good proof about that uncle Gunther). However, very few lying on their engaged boyfriends. Also, very few capture themselves with a fake boyfriend. The picture says it all. We hope your future is a little less pathetic than its own.

2. Psycho Killer in the shower

Everyone knows the famous Psycho shower scene, but very few people think it will happen to them. According to this picture, it is exactly what is going to happen. If you thought you would check your shower before jumping, it is not necessary, it’s time to think again. Or you could simply stop showering. Yes, it seems a better idea.

1. Selfie within a selfie failure

There are some so selfies that snatch the hinges out of the gates of the perception that we walk every day. Does this phrase also make sense? No, not even this selfie. Here we have a man, a dog, a mountain and a woman in the background who takes another selfie. Looking closely you can see his face on the camera, giving us a scenario of authoritarian start. There is a car, inside a selfie, inside another self. Who knows where it will go, but do you really want to go and find out?